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Transcription Farm was founded by Melissa and Mark Marinaccio, seasoned producers of factual, documentary, formatted, and reality television.

Having producers at the helm ensures that your transcriptions are accurate and on-time, every time. 

As soon as we receive your files, through our easy to use drag-and-drop portal, it's go time and we are on the move!

A Media Transcription Company‍‍‍

$1.65per minute, 4 Speakers, Verbatim.


Your project is double-checked for accuracy and we adhere to a very strict transcriber value expectation, ensuring that we only deliver the absolute best.


We know what it means to keep your work confidential and we require that anyone working on a transcription or handling footage of any kind accept our privacy requirements.


Services  and  Pricing

All transcriptions are verbatim and include timestamps at each speaker change and/or every 2 minutes.

Rates start at $1.65 per minute for 4 speakers, VERBATIM with TIMESTAMPS.   ‍‍‍

48hour TURN‍‍‍ AROUND.

Contact us to get the lowest rates.

Our focus is reality and documentary television, but we provide transcription services for almost any industry including legal, medical, governmental, NGO, foreign entities and businesses.

We can accept almost any media format, but prefer QT files encoded in H264. 

Acceptable Formats:

• MP3
• MP4





All transcripts are delivered in your choice of MS Word or PDF format.

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