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Transcription and Translation for Television and Film
Rates as low as $1.50 per minute
Trusted by Some of the Biggest Shows on TV


Network deliverables scripts
and edit scripts
$200 Flat Rate for up to 60mins 3 Day Turnaround


All Transcription Orders Include:

Verbatim Answers & Clean Questions


ScriptSync Files

Extra Speakers

72hr - $1.60 per min - Budget
48hr - $1.75 per min - Standard 
24hr - $2.50 per min - Rush
15hr - $5 per min - Overnight            

We Charge Per Minute of Actual Media Length.


$6 per minute

for most languages

Includes the Translation and

the Transcription Together

3 to 4 Day Turnaround

Files that do not deliver within the requested timeframe does not indicate a breach and automatic reduction in price. 

Files that deliver more than four hours later than the set delivery time may be eligible for a partial discount. 

Please note that files set to deliver on Saturday or Sunday may not deliver until Monday morning unless you've specified weekend delivery.

A confirmation email will be sent following completion of a successful upload. Please allow up to two hours of processing time per upload.

While we take precautions to ensure reasonable confidentiality of your material, you agree not to hold Transcription Farm liable for any inadvertent or unintentional breach of that confidentiality or security in relation to the data that you upload here.

We Charge Per Minute of Actual Media Length.

Please try to limit file sizes to 1GB each.

Media Upload Portal


15hr - $5 per min - Overnight            24hr - $2.50 per min - Rush

48hr - $1.65 per min - Standard        72hr - $1.50 per min - Budget

Media Upload


We Know Your World.

Transcription Farm was founded by Mark and Melissa Marinaccio, seasoned producers of factual, documentary, formatted, and reality television.


Having producers at the helm ensures that your transcriptions are accurate and on-time, every time.

As soon as we receive your files, through our easy to use drag-and-drop portal, it's go time and we are on the move!

Your project is double-checked for accuracy and we adhere to a very strict transcriber value expectation, ensuring that we only deliver the absolute best.

We know what it means to keep your work confidential and we require that anyone working on a transcription or handling footage of any kind accepts our privacy requirements.

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